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4 Hours Practical
It creates and it automates your messages of inbox in your Fan Page of your business and will gener¡ auto answers of purchase and interest.
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17 April
It is not necessary to know programming
Chatbots for facebook to messenger


We will begin with a little theory to know Why?
and Why? , it serves chatbot and its applications.

  • What is bot? 1
  • 2 Why it serves and which is its function?
  • Types of bots 3
  • 4 Flow chart of bot
  • Fºnel of conversion of bot 5
  • 6 Automatization
  • Process of Sales and Commercial Management 7
  • 8 Pick up of leads
  • We create bot 9


We will begin with a little theory to know Why?
and Why? , it serves chatbot and his applications.

answers automated with chatbot to messanger

You will be able to offer your services of automated form

Autorrespuesta to your commentaries of facebook

Autorrespuesta to the commentaries

You generate subscribers and data base from facebook

You generate subscribers and data base

It sends massive messages from facebook to messenger

It sent of massive messages NEWLETTERS

If you participate in the FACTORY, automatically you will obtain additional 1 hour of focused customized consultant's office in your business.


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