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Bertrandcuiller Agency of Digital Marketing

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We are an agency of digital marketing, with offices in Chiclayo, Peru. We specialized in developing to products and strategies of digital marketing, that have as it bases the creativity, strategy and technology, giving him answers to the new needs of the modern consumer, managing to approach you your objective public in a scope that more time is connected.

Our Services

Our approach, is based on results

Design Web Responsive

The webpage of your company is your letter of presentation before the world. The quality of your website must reflect the quality of your products or services.

We design and we developed webpages that adjust to the needs of your company. Combining strategy, creativity and design we created websites that look for the greater impact at the time of communicating their business.

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Marketing of Social Networks

Marketing of Social Networks or Social Average Marketing is the technique by which your company or brand generates traffic to its website through the social networks.

In We identified the social networks that must have your company. We create his profiles and we defined his tone of communication, giving him to his publications the value for his followers.

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Branding name brand or of company is the process by means of which we are constructed your brand, key for a successful strategy of marketing, we worked with you to develop an attractive, simple and effective design name brand, that it transmits the essence of your company.

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Video Marketing

We create video with the purpose of to promote a product or service to achieve objectives within a marketing strategy, not only it improves your personal brand and search engine optimization, also increases to the ratios of conversion and the numbers of sales.

The video marketing, a tendency nails to increase the participation of your hearing in social networks.

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Consultant's office Businesses

We help your companies to obtain measurable results in the digital world and the social networks.

We advised helping to you to understand your objective market you, we explained how to increase the relevance to you of your actions and undertake solutions that harness your project or company and your results of sale in the digital channels.

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Digital marketing

In Bertrandcuiller we are specialistic Digital Marketing, we used digital tools to create direct, personal and interactive communications that bring about a reaction in the consumer. We created a plan of strategy of oriented digital marketing to results.

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Development Web

In Bertrandcuiller we are specialistic developing of software custom-made, totally customized application to its needs, obtaining the optimal solution to design and to harness the processes of its company.

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