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The cast of Ori Devuda

Ori Devuda is a Telugu film directed by Ashwanth Marimuthu and produced by Pearl V. Potluri and Param V. Potluri through the production company PVP Cinema. The central characters of this film are Vishwak Sen as Arjun Durgaraju, Mithila Palkar as Anu Arjun, Venkatesh Kakumanu as Mani, and Dagubatti Venkatesh as God.

Ori Devuda Highlights

Ori Devuda is a unique fantasy romantic comedy film with many exciting parts, like God’s appearance. It is a remake of the Tamil movie Oh My Kadavula, which collected a lot of praise and good reviews from the audience. The audience has also praised Ori Devuda for the cast’s performance and the exciting story. It has received a good rating from the viewers and is one of the best new movies currently streaming on aha.

The story of Ori Devuda

Ori Devuda has a unique romantic story which starts with the best friends Anu, Arjun and Mani celebrating a party. At the party, Anu tells the others that her family is looking for a bride. Later after the party, she suddenly asks Arjun whether he would like to marry her, and he agrees. Their families get very excited about their marriage, but later, Arjun finds it loveless. Later he meets with one of his childhood crushes and thinks that life would have been better with her. Eventually, the married couples stand in court for a divorce. On the day of his divorce, he meets two persons (God and his assistant) who let him look to life with his childhood crush. But he later finds that it is not the life he expected, and it is Anu he wants.

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